As a qualified and accredited trainer, nutritionist and WBFF Fitness Pro, I’ve been getting clients from all over the world in shape, one body at a time. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, bulk up in muscle or have plans to compete book your free video consultation and get started with today! I also offer one on one personal training out of Luxe Fitness in Westerly, Rhode Island.

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"The process is the prize."

SarahBellum Fit is Trainer and Coach Sarah Beth Garrett. Sarah's fitness journey started at the with a 62lb weight loss after the birth of her third child. She continued to lift weights and eventually went on to earn a Pro Card with the WBFF She now competes as a Wellness athlete with the NPC and helps women all over the world achieve their dream physique through one on one personal training and online coaching. 


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Online Coaching

It's like having a personal trainer and nutritionist with you all of the time!


~ A custom meal plan with updates every 4-6 weeks.

~ A complete home or gym workout plan with exercise videos

~ Weekly accountability check ins

~ Monthly video check ins

~ Text support

~ One on one coaching

~ App based

~ Supplement recommendations

~ All programming is custom for YOUR body and goal.

Whether it be weight loss or muscle growth any goal will work with this plan.

It's also more cost effective than one on one personal training. An entire month of workouts and custom meal plans costs less than three in person training sessions! More about online coaching here. Your first step is to set up a free video consultation with me. 

PRICE: Reoccurring $199 per month.

To book a free consultation click here


Contest Prep

I prep for any federation and category. Depending on your starting point my preps run for between 16-20 weeks. (Four weeks post show to reverse diet is included.) The monthly cost includes all of your nutrition and training leading up to your show.  It also includes weekly check ins (these will become more frequent the closer we get to show,) supplement and cardio regimen. I also help with styling, suit selection, registration, hotel reservations and all of the other odds and ends that go along with competing. Your entire prep is managed with the exception of posing. *If you are local you may add on posing at the same rate as a half hour personal training session. A video consultation is required prior to signing up

PRICE: $250/month for show prep, $150 a month for off season.

Individual Training Session

If you're local to Rhode Island you may book a personal training session with me at Luxe Fitness in Westerly. This is one on one.


A one hour session is $65

If you commit to 2 or more one hour sessions per week in you get a personalized meal plan, home or gym workouts for when you're not training with me and weekly accountability check ins through my app. ($150 value)

To schedule an in person consultation please click here



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