About Sarah


Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a 40 year old mom to three kids and one pitbull. I live in Westerly, Rhode Island with my husband who is also a CPT and nutritionist.

My fitness journey started after the birth of my youngest son. I was around 60lbs overweight and miserable. I felt like I’d lost myself in my role as a wife and mother and I’d never be anything more than that. I hated the way I looked and felt. I’d gotten to a point where change wasn’t just an option but was necessary for survival. I started out the way most women do; crash dieting and doing a ton of cardio. I lost a little weight but I was still miserable from constantly depriving myself. 


Then I found iron.


Bodybuilding didn’t just change my life. It gave me a brand new one. I was a brand new PERSON. I had confidence. I was strong. And I looked and felt better than I ever had before. The weight came off and stayed off. I learned how to properly fuel my body with nutrition. 


Fast forward six years later: I got my WBFF Pro Card. I’m now a certified personal trainer and have a fulfilling career where I get to coach other women along the same journey that I took. I have my picture taken and don’t hate it! I realized that I had a voice to inspire other women and I use it frequently. 


Once I took the reins of my life back things started to change. I laughed at things that used to hold me back. I became fierce in protecting and nurturing the woman that I wanted to be. And I love me now. I really really love me. I am literal proof that it’s never too late to completely transform your life.


I can’t lie. I struggled sometimes. I doubted myself every step along the way. I was so sore I wanted to cry but I got up in the morning and did it again. I wanted to ditch the meal prep and order a pizza. But I didn’t. Because watching your body change and your life improve is addicting and I wanted more.


When I started my transformation I had to do it alone. It was difficult. I think this is why I have a unique perspective in coaching other women. I’m tough but it comes from a place of love and understanding what they’re going through.


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