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Phil Heath Classic

So you want to compete?

Competing for the first time? Here’s what you need to know.

(If this isn't your first time you can skip ahead and book your video consultation here.)

1. You should already be in a regular weight based training routine. Prep isn’t the time to lay your foundation, but to reveal what you have built over time.

2. Social obligations go out the window for 16+ weeks. NO GOING OUT.

3. You should already enjoy eating good clean foods and be prepared to spend 16+ weeks without alcohol. Sounds like I’m stating the obvious but “can I have cheats/wine?” is a regular question I get asked by newbies

4.. Prep isn’t a fad diet or a weight loss competition. To compete with minimal stress on your body, you want to be entering your prep at a healthy body fat % AND enough time to reach your goal. A healthy body fat does not mean staying shredded year round especially if this isn’t your natural body type, but so much damage can be caused by unrealistic expectations set against very tight timelines. That being said I reserve the right to put you into a "pre prep" program if I think you're not quite ready.

5. Be prepared to experience “first world” hunger and tiredness. At this stage, you really need to have a strong “why” to get you through the darker days on prep. If the ambition isn’t there, it’s tough not to cheat on your diet

6. Work on your mindset. Even the strongest of us will face challenges with post show binging and body image.

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My competition prep rate is $250 per month. Your video consultation is free.

I prep for all federations including the NPC and WBFF.