I cannot express how grateful and lucky I am to have Sarah train me. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and exercises. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kerry L,

If your looking for an awesome trainer and nutrition look no further, Sarah is awesome. She’s one of those trainers that really cares for her clients. She’s very responsive and answers your questions right away. Her workouts are tough, but put you in the direction to accomplish your goals. I have seen a huge difference in myself, not only physically but mentally since working with her. I highly recommend her

Jennifer D.,

1 week in and I feel amazing!!! She a so easy to talk too and ask questions!! And is super responsive!!

Melinda W.,

I have only been working with Sarah for a short time but so far it’s the best experience I’ve had working with a trainer and I’m already seeing results. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and workouts. She is always available to answer questions (and I have many) and available to explain new information. She is also so nice and down to earth and really understands how a woman’s body works. I would highly recommend working with her!

Molly W.,

Sarah is excellent at what she does. She does great with age, physical and overall health in every age bracket and fitness level! I love working with her..

Kendra C.,

I’ve just started with Sarah but can’t even explain how happy I’ve been with her attention to my needs and how quick she is to respond. I can text her at any time and she’ll text back within five minutes. She has been going above and beyond to accommodate my food preferences. EXTREMELY happy with my decision to work with Sarah.

Karla A.,

She’s been wonderful I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my health

Erin C,

Sarah has been able to take my every day needs and pare it down to a diet that works for me, without crashing or restricting everything I love. Her responses to chats and texts are always prompt. Further, her extensive knowledge of products helps to supplement the work we are doing. I recommend her for all aspects of health, wellness and training.

Heather C,

Sarah didn’t just help me get in better physical shape, she guided me through a journey of lifestyle changes that have enhanced the quality of my life! She’s an encouraging coach. In the beginning everything seemed overwhelming but Sarah broke it all down into manageable goals that were sustainable. With the results I saw and her expertise I welcomed the next goal. Several years later, I can tell you that I’m stronger and more confident than I have ever been. I’m living a healthy, adventurous life that I could only imagine when we started!

Sandy P.,

I have enjoyed working with Sarah as my new fitness Coach. She puts her knowledge to work and extremely approachable and quick to respond.

Christie A,

Listen, there are so many virtual/distance trainers you can get tied up with BUT let me tell you, Sarah is truly amazing! She guided me and pushed me to do things I never thought possible mind and body!!!! I can never thank her enough for her time and knowledge!! If you are thinking about changing your life and body, DO IT and choose Sarah! I could have never gotten to the “after” pictures without her, she set the framework!

Mallory E,

There isn’t enough good things to say about Sarah. Not only is she my bestie, but she’s been my number 1 cheerleader for years. She listens to her clients, their needs, and provides so much more then just personal training. She has walked in the shoes of many others and understands the struggle we can have time to time. I recommend her to anyone and everyone I know. She leads by exquisite example and she can thoroughly be counted on to provide the coaching and training you need.

Lauren P,