What the heck is "online coaching?"

Think of it as having a full time personal trainer and nutritionist but at a fraction of the cost. My online coaching consists of three things: nutrition, workouts and accountability. All are delivered to you in my app and completely custom for your body and personal goal.

The first step for all of my online coaching programs is to set up a Facetime with me. This is where we'll discuss your specific goal, your background and any other information that would be helpful in writing your program. I'll also review exactly how the program works and what is expected of you.


Once I have an idea of what we're trying to achieve I'll design a workout program for you based on your fitness level, how many days per week you can commit and equipment availability. (Home workouts are fine!) You access your workouts in the app. Each exercise, the amount of sets and reps will be spelled out for you. There are videos in the app that show each exercise with proper form in the event that you aren't familiar with something. You are responsible for getting those workouts in and logging them so I can see what you've done on my end. Training phases typically last 8-12 weeks. When I move you up to the next phase depends on your progress. You may or may not have additional cardio depending on your goal. 

Before I write your meal plans I have you track three days of your own food in my app first. This gives me a baseline for what your average food intake is entering the program and also gives me an idea of what kinds of foods you like to eat. I use this information to write your meal plans. All of my meal plans are custom for your body and goal. You are responsible for eating exactly what I have outlined for you and logging it in the app so I can see it on my end. You are allowed one cheat meal per week AFTER you have completed your weekly check in. I do diet updates based on your progress but on average you can expect to get new food every 4-6 weeks. You will need a food scale to measure your portion sizes and to make some time available on the weekend to meal prep your food. 

We have official check ins every Sunday where you will upload new progress photos to the app and complete a Check In Questionnaire. You will receive a reply with feedback/questions within 48 hours. In between check ins if you have questions you also have text access to me. I encourage my clients to communicate with me as much as possible. The more in tune we are with each other the better your results will be. I respond to all text messages as quickly as I can. In addition to our weekly check ins we also do a monthly video chat to discuss what you did well for the month and what you need to improve upon. 

I don't do any kind of contract however I do ask that you commit to at least three months of coaching with me in order to see real change to your body. If you wish to cancel you may do so up to three days before your monthly payment comes out. My currrent coaching rate is $199 and it includes EVERYTHING except your gym membership, food scale, food, and supplements if you choose to take them. (They are optional but I do give you recommnedations.)


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